Kiki's Delivery Service Puzzle Frame

Jan. 19, 2020

We bought this puzzle on one of our Japan trips. It's translucent, and. is designed to be put in a window, or in a lighted frame. They were selling the frames as well from the same vendor, but they were quite expensive and didn't look very good.

Puzzle catalogue photo

After seeing the DIY Perks video on making realistic looking lighting panels, I really wanted to do something similar, rather than just putting it in a window.

The puzzle is an odd size, and it also needs to be deep enough to accommodate all the required layers, as well as the LED strips. Finding something off the shelf was probably going to be too hard so I made one. It wasn't too difficult to get all the mitres lined up, though I did have to use my shooting board to get them all exact.

Frame only

Next was putting in all the layers. I'm not exactly sure what each one is, but it went (in order from front to back, obviously)

  1. Puzzle
  2. diffuser sheet
  3. lens
  4. diffuser sheet
  5. thick acrylic with dots
  6. LED strip
  7. glossy card
  8. plywood backing

Frenzel layers
Frame rear

Overall the effect is quite convincing, and looks way better than just shoving some LEDs in the back. The colour temperature is probably slightly too cool, though the LEDs I got do have good CRI so it's quite pleasing to look at.

Completed frame

Don't throw out your old laptop/TV screens! Playing with the lens layers is fun, and there's a bunch of really useful materials in there.

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