Table Top Project - Part 1

June 17, 2018

My old boss is restoring a school hall out in the country, and wanted a replacement table top for an old table they have out there.

The top needs to be quite large, 2.5m by 1m. I've been building things like bedside tables, occasional tables, speaker stands etc, so this is considerably larger. It did give me a chance to use the new combo jointer/thicknesser, which worked ok but I got quite a bit of snipe, particularly when jointing.

To make it a bit easier I built some saw-horses based on Paul Sellers' design, and I really like how they turned out. I also modified one to act as an outfeed-roller, since putting 2.5m boards through the jointer/thicknesser is too much for one person.

Lamination sub-assembly on saw-horses

Once I realised there would be no way to clamp the breadboard ends on, I decided to draw bore them. This worked out quite well and help close up some gaps that I had.

Custom tenons

Adding drawbores to the table top

The top is nowhere near flat, but I'm not going to sweat it too much.

Next step is going to be flattening it a bit. Its currently nowhere near flat, but I think I'm just going to smooth out any visible imperfections rather than trying to get the whole thing granite-flat.

After that, I'll put some epoxy in a few of the natural voids and gum-lines, then oil and burnish the top.

Just moving something of this size around the garage has been a struggle, and I have to get my girlfriend's help to flip it/move it now that its full size.

Completed joinery

Completed joinery

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