Workbench progress

Nov. 27, 2016

To see something go from a pile of parts to something that can stand up by itself and give an indication of the final object, is an exhilarating feeling. Can't do much else tonight since its too late, but I'm so close!

Left to do

  • Trim a final few tenons (only realised halfway through that my hand router plane makes tidying up tenons incredibly easy, have to go back and do a few more)
  • Interior mitres on all the tenons
  • Final planing and sanding of all pieces 
  • Glue and drawbore the base together
  • Cut the rebates in the front of the top for the vice 
  • Flip the top on top, glue, and blind drawbore those massive tenons
  • Level the legs 
  • Drill a whole bunch of 3/4" dog holes in the top, by hand (ugh)
Workbench progress

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